Distribution of Food to people in need in these bad times of Lockdown – COVID19

Al-Ameen Al-Ameen Arts Science and Commerce College, Bangalore Al-Ameen College of Law, Bangalore. Al-Ameen College Of Pharmacy

Al-Ameen Educational Society distributed free food / grocery to the poor and needy who are badly affected by the Covid Lockdown in the state. It is not unknown to us that the whole lower class, lower middle class and partly even the higher middle class sections of the society are the ones hit badly by the current covid situation in the state/country.

It feels sad to say that we can not help every one affected. But as a small step towards a greater cause, Al-Ameen Educational Society came forward to help the affected.

Dr. Subhan Shariff, Hon. Secretary and his dedicated team could reach and help many people who needed the support in this difficult time.

Keep a check on your own health, keep your hands clean. Stay safe and save lives.


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